Stateside American Bar & Restaurant, Cocktail Training, Northwich, Cheshire

Situated in Northwich, West Cheshire, is the Stateside American Bar & Kitchen. This new themed bar and restaurant will be a new addiction to what was a none existent bar scene in Northwich offering american cuisine, beers and bottled ales alongside an extensive cocktail list and gin display.

At the Stateside Bar & Restaurant, during their launch weekend and multiple staff training days, we sent 1 of our Bar Consultants, Kurt Lewis to train staff how to create perfectly balance cocktails and to assist the bar team during the their launch night as a flair bartender / cocktail expert overlooking bartenders progression throughout the service, whilst being available for those bespoke drink orders from guests.

The task of teaching over 50 classic and new era cocktails in just a few days was not a realistic task to ask, however from speaking and observing the bar and kitchen team, it was clear to see they had bundles of passion between them, with a great understanding of quality food, these two attributes made it much easier for us to transfer their knowledge of food over to, the art of cocktails.

The cocktail training we provided enabled all bar staff to have the ability to create any cocktails using recipe sheets, which therefore, could then be, passed over to new staff in the future. At least 2 of the lead bartenders after a week serving customers were capable of creating all classic cocktails comfortably from memory and were able to create and adapt cocktails specifically to an individuals taste.

The spirit knowledge we provided was simplified and aimed to improve their cocktail creating skills allowing them to match spirits with flavours that compliment and balance each other. This knowledge is crucial for assisting customers when making a new drink choice.

Behind the cocktail bar which was already setup professionally, we guided bar staff how to layout the bar sufficiently for their menu, in order to increase speed of service and maintain the level of bar service for future days to come.

Four months after Stateside Bar & Restaurant opened, we decided to go back and test the bartenders, on their new cocktail skills via ordering classic training drinks, such as; sours, daiquiri, old fashioned and martini’s. We did this whilst dining in the restaurant tasting beautifully infused american cuisine with alcohol.

As expected the cuisine and cocktails were fabulous from both the kitchen and especially the bar. Both teams were keen to demonstrate their new cocktail recipes. Its clear to see that providing this venue maintains it standards and continues to learn and improve, that it shall be a true gem for the Northwich public to enjoy.

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