Cocktail Mixologists Hire

Hire a Cocktail Mixologist for your private or corporate event

Cocktail Bartenders (Mixologists) are the true professionals for making spectacular bespoke cocktails.

They can make the majority of classic cocktails around the world and they have their very own repertoire of unique cocktails.

Private Mixologists are the chefs of the drink industry and know what ingredients mix well together exciting guests taste buds with perfectly balanced drinks between Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spice.

What do you get when you book a Private Bartender with Flirtina Events?

  • Event Admin Manager available via email, text and telephone to make sure event runs smoothly.
  • Shopping List for buying ingredients. (If applicable)
  • Cocktail Menu for your event. (If applicable)
  • Event Details Sheet for your event date/s.
  • Cocktail Bartender Equipment included per bartender
  • 30 min – 1 hour preparation time on site (Type of event dependant)
  • Professional Cocktail Bartender/s to entertain guests

Extra Bartending Services

  • Glassware Hire– Stylish glassware for your cocktails, wine, ales, spirits, smoothies, coffees or soft drinks.
  • scientific methods to create fantastic Molecular Cocktails
  • Flair Bartenders Hire – bartenders that can create drinks and juggle multiple bar objects at the same time.
  • Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire – recommended for all events allowing staff to serve more efficiently.
  • Ice Sculpture Hire – Wow guests with Vodka Luges or Ice Sculptures.