Flair Bartender Hire

Hire a Flair Bartender for your Private or Corporate Event

Flair Bartender Hire (Bottle Jugglers) are the performers of the drinks industry, who dazzle guests with their juggling skills and showmanship during your event, whilst creating multiple artistic cocktails to sample.

Flair Bartenders are often the guys you will see on television promoting large corporate brands, behind an exhibition stand working as ambassadors or simply, in the background of movies and reality TV shows shaking cocktails in style. 

There are two types of flair bartenders we offer:

Working Flair Bartender Hire is perfect for most types of events and they create balanced cocktails with speed and style whilst doing flair routines, with a variety of bar objects, during busy periods, they will also focus, on the speed of service.

Working Flair is the type of service the majority of cocktail companies offer nationwide, as the majority of Exhibition Flair Bartending is for shows on stage and can rarely be used behind a busy bar until liquids in bottles decrease to a lower level, which is what we call, the flair time level.

Exhibition Flair Bartender Hire is often world class, competing all over the world in bartending competitions, performing on stage in front of large audiences, these are the guys we would recommend for flair shows and tandem flair as it takes years of dedication & training to reach this level. Due to the sheer popularity of exhibition flair bartenders and a shortage outside of major flair cities, it is rare, we are able to supply at short notice or for small parties, this level of flair entertainer. 

Both types of bartenders are fantastic to watch and have a strong passion for bartending

Flair Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamFlair Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamFlair Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamFlair Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham

NOTICE: All staff are advised that speed of service comes before flair, however flair will be performed whenever safe and possible to do so.

The flair bartender team at Flirtina Events, don’t just create authentic classic cocktails and craft new signature cocktails, because it’s their jobs, they do it because it’s their passion. We hire all of our flair mixologists and flair bartenders based on their reliability, personality, high mixology levels, individual style and above all, the ability to adapt to different event environments, ready to satisfy the most demanding of clientele.

Flair bartenders will bring your event bar service to the next level.

To achieve the smoothest bar service. You can hire one of our flair cocktail bartenders with a choice of our mobile bar modules & a selection of stylish cocktail glassware either as a dry hire package (Customer Supplies Ingredients) or a wet hire package (Flirtina Events Supplies Ingredients) Seen below.

Our flair bartenders cater for for private bars, birthday bar hire, wedding reception bars, corporate event hire, exhibition stand hire, hen parties, outdoor cocktails bars & cocktail maker classes nationwide.

Booking a flair bartender will allow you to have more time, to socialise with guests or to network amongst colleagues in style, as you immerse yourself into the the vibrant world of signature cocktails. 

Staff Shortages & Cocktail Bar Training 

Staff Shortages can often be a problem in the bar industry, especially since the pandemic in 2020 & Brexit. Flirtina Events can provide professional cocktail mixologist and flair bartenders to cover busy periods for your private bar or special events. It’s worth noting that on average a professional bartender should be able to manage nearly 3 times the load, the equivalent of 3 unexperienced bartenders, aswel as, increasing takings over the bar and encouraging customers to return.


What do you get when you Book a Flair Bartender Hire with Flirtina Events?

  • Event Admin Manager available via email & telephone to make sure event runs smoothly.
  • Shopping List for buying ingredients. (If applicable)
  • Cocktail Menu for your event. (If applicable)
  • Event Details Sheet for your event date/s.
  • Cocktail Bartender Equipment included per bartender
  • 30 min – 1 hour preparation time on site (Type of event dependant)
  • Professional Flair Bartender/s to entertain guests

Flair Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham

Flair Bartender Hire Packages

There are 4 main options to choose from when hiring Flirtina Events

Option 1 – (Dry Hire) Customer Supplies Ingredients

We send a shopping list for your chosen drinks and you pay for the hire of individual bartending services only.

Option 2 – (Wet Hire) Pre Paid Drinks  

You pay for a set amount of drinks to be supplied by us, bartender hire, mobile bar hire and glassware hire included if required.

Extra drinks can be added & charged on the event day, upon request.

Option 3 – (Wet Hire) Unlimited Drinks

You a pay a price per person drinking for your selected cocktails/mocktails or general drinks to be unlimited over a set time period. Bar equipment & bar staff Included. 

T&C’s apply

Option 4 – (Wet Hire) Cash Bar/Licenced

All our bartending services are included for free, except the £40 licence application fee. A negotiable minumum spend must be met of £1000+ Est, otherwise the difference is charged. Any pre purchased drinks decrease or can remove the minumum spend completely.


All booking deposits are £30 transferable to new dates or locations. 

* All packages are negotiable without effecting the quality and reliability.

* It is possible to ask for a mixture of the above options, just ask, we will be happy to help!


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