Corporate Event Bar Hire

Premium Corporate Event Bar Hire – Corporate Bar Hire 

Flirtina Events offers premium mobile corporate event bar hire services for companies in need of first class corporate bar hire. Catering to a wide range of events from intimate corporate gatherings of 20 guests to grand corporate celebrations with up to 600+ participants.

For small businesses and corporate giants we provide professional bartender hire and bespoke mobile bar hire packages for event conferences, corporate exhibitions, corporate team buildings, award ceremonies, staff incentives, corporate gatherings, promotions and christmas parties nationwide.

Conveniently we have the ability to provide all of our bartending services in multiple business location simultaneously. 

The drinks service is a vital element of any event and as a business it is a chance to capitalise, by personalising cocktails, branding mobile bars or alluring guests with our mixologist and flair bartenders.

Corporate Event Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham Corporate Event Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham Corporate Event Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham

Enhance your Corporate Event Bar Hire with Branded Cocktail Bars

One business aspect we focus heavily on, is branded corporate bar hire, with personalised corporate drinks. We have a vast portfolio of international business clients and deliver hundreds of themed corporate bars annually.  Many of these corporate clients use us because of our reliability for continuously delivering smooth mobile bar hire services nationwide 7 days a week.

Our energy and passion for our events is infectious, creating a positive impact that allows clients to trust in our pro bartending skills.

Be assured, our team will deliver a quality corporate event bar hire experience that removes alot of the stress associated with organising a corporate function. We want to stand out from the crowd by delivering bespoke corporate bar hire experiences, therefore it aligns our interest to make sure your brand also stands out amongst the competition. 

Branded Corporate Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamBranded Corporate Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamBranded Corporate Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamBranded Corporate Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham

Create a Fantastic Impression with Flirtina Events Corporate Bar Hire

Let our skilled cocktail mixologists and flair bartenders warmly welcome your guests with a glass of bubbly, cold beer, glass of fine wine or an exquisite selection of cocktails & mocktails. Dazzling them with some bottle juggling routines.

Cocktail bartenders are skilled in crafting a wide array of cocktails & speciality drinks that will compliment your corporate event bar hire. From traditional favourites to signature creations, we offer a diverse menu, including an extensive list of non alcoholic drinks. Why not get us to create exclusive branded cocktails to reflect your business and wow guests.

Guests will be captivated by our mobile corporate bars which can be decorated with rows of welcome drinks presented with bar props & dry ice smoky effects.

Attentive cocktail waiters can provide a comprehensive table service throughout the corporate function.  This allows guests to focus on networking/socialising, instead of queuing at the bar. Upon request we can setup all tables to have complimentary drinks.

Corporate Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamCorporate Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamCorporate Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, BirminghamCorporate Events Bar Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham

Stylish and Visually Effective Corporate Bar Hire 

Our mobile cocktail bars are stylish and create a visually stunning addition to corporate venues. It’s not just a bar your hiring, we believe it’s an experience, enhancing the overall ambiance, whilst providing a beautiful backdrop for photos.

Automatically we handle everything from setting up the bar up, cleaning it and removing it, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the networking or socialising.

From the initial enquiry we will work with our corporate clients to deliver a drinks service that they seek whilst staying within budgets, providing they have been given to us. Knowing your budget allow us to get the most for your money, we can enhance your services or even decrease the cost upon request, by discussing factors which will help, without sacrificing the quality and reliability of mobile bartending services. 

Organising corporate events can be stressful. We completely remove the hassle of the drinks service and ensure your event is delivered to the highest standard. Most of our corporate clients do not have the experience in organising events like we do, so we advise and guide through any queries you may have during the process to ensure a smooth event. 

Every corporate client has a dedicated event manager to assist with creative ideas and recommendation to enhance your corporate event bar hire,  they are there to understands and help you achieve your objectives. 

Corporate Bartender Hire Liverpool, Manchester, Liverpool

Corporate Event Bar Hire Packages

There are 4 main options to choose from when hiring Flirtina Events

Option 1 – (Dry Hire) Customer Supplies Ingredients

We send a shopping list for your chosen drinks and you pay for the hire of individual bartending services only.

Option 2 – (Wet Hire) Pre Paid Drinks  

You pay for a set amount of drinks to be supplied by us, bartender hire, mobile bar hire and glassware hire included if required.

Extra drinks can be added & charged on the event day, upon request.

Option 3 – (Wet Hire) Unlimited Drinks

You a pay a price per person drinking for your selected cocktails/mocktails or general drinks to be unlimited over a set time period. Bar equipment & bar staff Included.

T&C’s apply

Option 4 – (Wet Hire) Cash Bar/Licenced

All our bartending services are included for free, except the £40 licence application fee. A negotiable minumum spend must be met of £1000+ Est, otherwise the difference is charged. Any pre purchased drinks decrease or can remove the minumum spend completely.


All booking deposits are £30 transferable to new dates or locations.

* All packages are negotiable without effecting the quality and reliability.

* It is possible to ask for a mixture of the above options, just ask, we will be happy to help!