Cocktail Masterclass

Cocktail Masterclass Services  – Cocktail Making

Book a mobile cocktail masterclass service as a corporate team building activity, staff incentive, hen night experience, birthday present or hospitality bar training. You and your guests will learn how to create your favourite cocktails, some history behind them and most importantly, how to follow cocktail specs and use the tools of the industry to make the perfect balanced cocktail.

What type of Cocktail Masterclass does Flirtina Events do?

Our general cocktail masterclasses are fun and informative, before our profesional mixologists attend your event we will find out what type of masterclass you are wanting us to run. For instance most bartenders will aim to deliver a mostly fun experience, were guests can have a choice to create their own cocktails in groups, pairs or as an individual.  However not all guests like to make more than one cocktail, so for those few, our bartenders can make the drinks for them like normal, while they relax and enjoy the event.

For corporate team building events and competitive hen parties, we can setup a competition between cocktail making teams with an award going to the team or person that makes the best cocktails.

Cocktail Masterclass Options  

Customer Supply Option 1 – we send a shopping list for the chosen drinks and you pay for individual bartending services.

Unlimited Drinks Option 2 – we supply unlimited selected drinks per person £20-£40pp depending on the, full event details. T&C’s apply
(All bartending services are normally included within the price)

Pre Paid Drinks Option 3  – Our bartending services and the amount of drinks being consumed are paid for in advance. Extra drinks can be added on the event day upon request.

Pay Bar Option 4 – We provide a completely free bar service to your event, except for the cost of an alcohol license, allowing the sale of alcohol on site. An agreed and reasonable minimum spend, must be met for this option, otherwise the difference is charged. T&C’s apply