Hens Parties

Hen Party Services  – Cocktail Bar

Flirtina Events provides mobile cocktail bars, event bartenders and ice sculptures for hen parties & ladies nights nationwide.

What can Flirtina Events do for your Hen Night?

Have one of our flair bartenders or cocktail mixologists serve the girls their favourite cocktails inside or outside a venue of your choice. If your having a civilised bachelorette party have the event bartender do table service for you and if its going to be a wild one, then dont worry our bartenders have experienced it all.

We can install a pop up bar in advance, ready for our bartenders to shake up some sexy drinks. If requested we can run a masterclass behind the bar, involving everyone in creating the cocktails themselves and perhaps having a little competition.

Bespoke ice sculpture can be carved and specifically themed towards towards your hen night, which guests can then, drink shots from.

When booking ask your booking manager for any ideas related to the bar service.

For the ultimate Bachelorette party; here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure your hen activities/games are near the bar area at all times to keep you refreshed.
  2. Get involved with making cocktails behind the bar area and grab fun pictures in action
  3. Buy some exotic fruits so our bartenders can create watermelon/pineapple/coconut cocktail pitchers to share.
  4.  Order a drinks menu to suit all your guests and get them to experience new things, live a little or a lot!
  5. Bubbly, lots of bubbly!
  6. Add a dress code or theme to your night unique to your hen group.
  7. Thirsty hens turn into Hungry hens, dont forget to eat lots of small bites throughout the night.

Quite often the bartender is male and the only one in the room, dont worry they’ve normally seen it all, treat them like one of the girls and just enjoy the night with the ladies with a cocktail waiter at your service.

Hen Party Bar Hire Options

Customer Supply Option 1 – we send a shopping list for the chosen drinks and you pay for individual bartending services.

Unlimited Drinks Option 2 – we supply unlimited selected drinks per person £20-£40pp depending on the, full event details. T&C’s apply
(All bartending services are normally included within the price)

Pre Paid Drinks Option 3  – Our bartending services and the amount of drinks being consumed are paid for in advance. Extra drinks can be added on the event day upon request.

Pay Bar Option 4 – We provide a completely free bar service to your event, except for the cost of an alcohol license, allowing the sale of alcohol on site. An agreed and reasonable minimum spend, must be met for this option, otherwise the difference is charged. T&C’s apply