Flirtina History

Origin of Flirtina Events

Flirtina Events was formed in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, West Midlands in 2013, created by award winning Cocktail Mixologist Kurt Lewis.

Kurt Lewis was a passionate bartender, who loved most of the things a 22 year old bartender does; travelling, drinking, eating out, entertaining the ladies and creating new signature drinks.

His passions grew into a vast knowledge of the hospitality industry with him showing an extraordinary understanding towards great customer service and quality control on a diverse level.

Kurt Lewis started his management career in restaurants, hotels and bars throughout the UK, progressing onto marketing and PR management for super clubs and cocktail lounges before finally reaching the international event industry where he worked globally managing a variety of events for highly reputable UK mobile bar companies.

Originally Kurt Lewis’s vision was to create a small business covering the midlands and north wales region providing a first class pop up cocktail bar service. This service would give customers who lived in low cocktail bar populated areas an opportunity to bring the bartending and entertainment services they desire to them, including the party atmosphere.

The first events at Flirtina were mostly birthday parties, hen parties, cocktail masterclasses and small gatherings were only a bartender or two would be supplied with very little bar equipment being hired. Promptly within 6 months, the professionalism of Flirtina/Kurt Lewis had impressed event organisers and customers across the country helping the Flirtina brand reputation grow to a level never suspected.

After 2 Years Flirtina Events with the help of friends and agents, were taking bookings and completing events beyond expectations for many corporate functions, wedding receptions, military balls, A-listed parties and some fantastically themed events nationwide.

In 2015 Flirtina Events was officially relocated to Liverpool, Merseyside to cope with demands for their bartending services in the North West.

The new private and corporate events being produced, had guests up to 500, meaning Flirtina Events would have to invest vast amounts of money in mobile bar equipment. The fast growth of Fliritna Events also meant over 40 contracted professional mixologists and flair bartenders would need to be located nationwide and hired to handle demands.

During the next few years Kurt Lewis took it upon him self to control the size of his business, maintaining reliability and standards above all. This meant he personally located charismatic bartenders nationwide and approached them individually to work events on a contractor basis, instead of turning into just another bar agency. This technique of finding reliable professional bartenders has proven very successful and to work for Flirtina now, you must be scouted or recommended by a trusted hospitality member. In the case this is not possible, new staff can only work if an approved Flirtina team member is attending an event with them.

In 2018 Flirtina Events had completed thousands of events nationwide since opening. There is now over 60 flair bartenders and cocktail bartenders globally, over 30 cocktail waitresses, 15 different styles of mobile bars to rent, 1000’s of specialist glassware, 2 fantastic ice luge sculptors and a bundle of expertise throughout the Flirtina team.

By summer of 2018, Kurt Lewis had travelled to over 64 countries tasting their national drinks, dishes and delicacies, experiencing the hospitality of many new cultures. Traveling has now become an addiction of influence to Kurt, so you can expect new fantastic projects to be emerging from Flirtina with Kurt Lewis at the wheel.

For the years to come, its exciting to see what will happen, the whole Flirtina team still have lots of passionate creativity to add to this company and most importantly to offer to customers parties.

Kurt insists the company would be nothing without the amazing team that has been established and the loyal customers who return year after year.

Flirtina Events specialise in cocktail bar services so if you want a classic, new era, signature or bespoke cocktail then look no further, you can also experience beer, ale, spirit and wine tasting experiences.

Be sure to book your events in advance allowing a smooth booking process. All deposits are £30 to make the booking process easy. The full balance is due 3-5 working days before the event.

Upon booking you will receive the following documents: contract of service, event information, drinks menu and shopping list if required.

Flirtina Events services are available as Dry Hire or Wet Hire with bespoke packages being encouraged.

There are 4 options to choose from when hiring Flirtina Bartending Services.

Event Hire Options

Customer Supply Option 1 – we send a shopping list for the chosen drinks and you pay for individual bartending services.

Unlimited Drinks Option 2 – we supply unlimited selected drinks per person £20-£40pp depending on the, full event details. T&C’s apply
(All bartending services are normally included within the price)

Pre Paid Drinks Option 3  – Our bartending services and the amount of drinks being consumed are paid for in advance. Extra drinks can be added on the event day upon request.

Pay Bar Option 4 – We provide a completely free bar service to your event, except for the cost of an alcohol license, allowing the sale of alcohol on site. An agreed and reasonable minimum spend, must be met for this option, otherwise the difference is charged. T&C’s apply